Whether you’re currently in the process of developing a brand new website for your business or are interested in overhauling your business’ current web presence, continue reading to discover three handy website design tips. These tips from Web Developers Brisbane will ensure that your business’s website is attractive as well as user friendly. After all, when it comes to websites, first impressions count and if a potential customer or client is left feeling underwhelmed or confused by your site, they’re not likely to visit again.

Web design & development: Three handy tips to keep in mind

Make sure to develop a mobile friendly version of your website

In today’s world your potential customers are just as likely to visit your website from a smart phone or tablet as they are to visit your website via a laptop. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your mobile visitors have the option of visiting a mobile friendly version of your website. As few users have the patience to scroll around a full sized website on a tiny, smart phone screen. As well as developing a mobile version of your website, which allows users to quickly browse your selection of goods and services, you may be interested in developing a smart phone application.

Ensure that your website, has a clear, logical layout

Ideally, your customers should be able to purchase goods or services from your business’s website, within seconds of arriving at your website’s homepage. So ensure, that your customers are able to easily navigate your business’s website by placing links to your business’s goods and services in a prime position. If your business frequently offers specials or promotions, make sure to feature them on the front page of your website, where they’ll garner attention. lastly, remember that in general less is more, as if you have too many links, your customers won’t be able to find the information that they need. Such as your business’s contact details and links to purchase goods and services.

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If you’d like to able to manage your website yourself, consider signing up for a WordPress account

If you’d prefer to manage your own website, you may be interested in signing up for a WordPress account. One of the bonuses of developing your business’s website via WordPress is that you’ll be able to update your website in the future, without needing to have any knowledge of codes or programming. Instead, you’ll be able to change the look and feel of your website and enter text onto your webpages, within minutes. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of developing or maintaining a traditional website, you may want to seriously consider, signing up or a WordPress account. As, in practice, running a WordPress account is as easy as running a blog.

So if you’re currently in the planning stages of developing a web presence for your business, remember to ensure that your website has a clear logical layout and to develop a mobile friendly version of your website. Should you want your website to be successful. If you’re looking to maintain your business’s website yourself, it’s also well worth looking into signing up for a WordPress account.

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